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Coworking France – What is the Workation?


 Work (work) + Vacation (vacation)

What a delight… Like the impression of mixing two contradictory, antinomic words.

One borders on schizophrenia (a small thought for McMurphy in Vol au dessus d’un nid de cuccou).

You’re basically working, but in a dream setting. Indeed why work in a small cramped office, when with modern means you can do the same on a white sand beach?

Very fashionable since a certain COVID, more and more coworking spaces dedicated to nomadic workers are opening up in the world.

Thanks for the technological revolution:) Adios metro – work – sleep

Hyatt, Accor, Club Med and the Barrière hotels have started and created workation packages. There must be a reason;)

Twenty million Americans have given up their jobs and have recently launched the “Great Resignation”. The hashtag #QuitMyJob qualifies the choice of these resigners (the “quits”). They are popular or affluent classes, no distinction. Their only goal: enjoy life differently. Enjoy life.

At least some people will have been able to survive as a result of the pandemic.

Some newspapers are seizing the phenomenon: Le Monde (June 2018) The Guardian (Sept 2021)  Figaro (January 2021)





Why work at the Bastide de la Provence Verte?


In the previous paragraph we praised a dream setting…

Each one has its safe place.

You may prefer the overheated atmosphere of the Caribbean Islands, the polar cold of Iceland, or the crazy streets of Tokyo.

We’re a long way from this. In our little paradise, you will find instead the total disconnection*, the singing of the birds, the rustling of the water flowing from the source.

Here forget the frenzy, the noise, the madness.

*Small detail not negligible: total disconnection, but the possibility to connect to our tender wifi network. Well this is not stratospheric bandwidth, but we were able to receive a seminar of 5 computer scientists who were in conf call all day.

You are fond of coliving? Come with your friends , we have 3 rooms and can accommodate up to 7 people

You will have the living room and a kitchen equipped only for you.



coworking provence



Benefits of the workation and coworking in France?


Don’t work in a sad, austere place.
Boost your creativity.
Reduce your stress in contact with Nature.
Discover Provence, the Var and travel.
Flexibility, you can work in the bedroom, living room, garden, by the pool.
Join the community of nomadic workers, the coworking club.
Combine telework and vacation.
For a little break, hikes directly on foot from our guest rooms. (electric bike available for free)



coworking in France



The different possibilities of working:


  • classic coworking France.
  • Team Building.
  • Professional seminars.
  • Wellness courses and coaching (personal coach, yoga, fitness, massages, etc.)
  • The time of a weekend or even a long period.
  • Possibility to work while the rest of the family relax in the hikes around the house.

Staycation (Stay + Vacation) or staying home for the holidays is another facet of the changes of our time… We’ll talk about it in another episode.



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