Olive oil, typical product of the Provençal cooking

Olive oil, typical product of the Provençal cooking

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Olivier and The Olive oil


The olive tree and the olive oil are products symbolic of the Provençal cooking. Olivier, tree sacred and worshipped in all Provence is one of the most typical elements of the landscapes and the Provençal culture. Olive trees are present in five departments of Provence : the Alpes de Haute-Provence, the Alpes-Maritimes, Bouches du Rhône, the Var and Vaucluse.



Every zone is going to produce an oil with different flavors, more or less fruity, with degree of acidity ; to you to make out a will to find what you are looking for!

The Olive oil and the Various Labels

If you look for a typified and quality oil which is not a mixture of various productions, prefer certified oil. France counts a single olive oil AOC  (Controled designation of origin) : the olive oil of Provence. This label guarantees a product the stages of manufacturing of which are realized in the same geographical zone and with a recognized “know-how”.

Seven olive oil are certified AOP ( protected designation of origin ): oil of Corsica, Nîmes, Nyons, the valley of Baux-de-Provence, Haute-Provence, Aix-en-Provence and Nice.


How to choose your Olive Oil


First of all, it is important to verify on label if the oil is made with the olives of the country. Then it’s better to choose an extra virgin oil, extracted after a first cold pressure.

The rate of acidity of the oil determines its quality level. More it is low, better will be the oil. If the rate is 1 % the oil will be of very good quality. If the rate is between 2 and 3 % of acidity, it will be about a more ordinary oil.


Various naming of oil are used:

* Extra virgin olive oil
* Fine virgin olive oil
* Common virgin olive oil
* Sophisticated olive oil
* Oil of grignons of  olive

The best way of choosing an olive oil is to taste! To draw a parallel with the wine,  certain oil agrees more or less well with certain food.



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