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  Vineyards in the Var … Wine of Provence

  Château Margillière, road of Cabasse – Brignole –

How far : 14,5 km                       How long: 22 min

At the heart of Green Provence, Le Château de Margillière is situated in the middle of vines on the area of naming of hillsides from the Var in Provence.

Since 1999 a certified organic farming Ecocert is practised in the domain and since 2013, this wine of Provence is a biological wine.

Numerous rewards in prestigious competitions were awarded and crown vintages “Bastide” and “Hautes Terres”.




Le Domaine de l’Allamande, 710 road of Mourvèdres – Cuers


How far : 21.6 km                                   How long : 26 min

The peculiarity of this vineyard is to possess several rich and diverse soils granting to the wine of multiple aromatic pallets.

Three ranges of wine are proposed: the vintage Golden triangle, rosé (wine of gastronomy), the vintage Héritage: rosé, red, white and finally the vintage Noémie, the rosé, the golden medal in the Competition Gilbert and Gaillard in 2017.





Château des Chaberts – Garéoult –



How far : 7 km                                                                                How long: 11 min

250 hectare vineyard the domain of which 30 hectares of vineyards, is situated at the heart of the naming hillsides from the Var in Provence.

Le Château des Chaberts proposes you 4 vintages: the vintage Prestige (red, rosé and white); the vintage Bacchus (red, rosé and white); the vintage Chaberts (red, rosé and white) and sparkling wines: blanc de blanc and rosé raw.

For 38 years, the various vintages were rewarded by numerous reward during competitions and by guides.





Le Domaine de Garbelle, 1835 Road André Malraux – Garéoult –



How far : 7 km                                                                                            How long : 11 min

All the products of “Domaine de Garbelle” are certified bios. You will find 3 vintages for the red wine:

” Les Barriques de Garbelle “, “Come Prima” and “La Belle de Garbelle “; 2 vintages for the rosé: ” Le domaine de Garbelle “, ” Il Fallait Rosé “; a vintage for the white wine: “AOP Cerpage Vermentino”.





Le château de l’Escarelle, Road of La Roquebrussanne – La Celle –



How far : 8 km                                                       How long : 9 min

Ideally situated at the heart of green Provence, 100 ha of vines of the property bloom in a remarkable case of 1100 ha of protected nature.

This Vineyard proposes for the rosé: ” Cuvée 1718 “, ” Mes Bastides “, ” Le Jardin de l’Azuré “, ” Le Château de l’Escarelle “, ” Les Deux Anges ” and “Cépage”.

Four vintages for the red wine: ” Cuvée 1718 “, ” Mes Bastide “, ” Château de l’Escarelle ” and “Cépage”. And four vintages for the white wine :  “Cuvée 1718 “, ” Mes Bastides “, ” Château de l’Escarelle ” and “Cépage”.




La Bastide de la Provence Verte

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